RRR Heroes impact on IPL

RRR Heroes impact on IPL – It is noteworthy that Rajamouli is raising his standard for every cinema. Rajamouli, reached the fame as one of the star directors in Tollywood. He achieved another industry hit with his RRR movie. The film grossed over Rs 1,000 crore and became a break even in almost all areas. Even on the third weekend, this film is reported to have garnered rare reviews.

However, before the release of the RRR movie, there were comments that the IPL would have an impact on the movie. Many thought that the RRR collections would be reduced due to the IPL. But, the RRR had an unexpected impact on the IPL. RRR Heroes gave a huge shock to the IPL organizers in the reverse. It has to be said that Jakkanna reversed the scene with RRR.

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RRR Heroes impact on IPL

It is noteworthy that the number of spectators per match is declining this IPL season. The fact that the IPL is currently being played in Maharashtra has also dampened the interest of cricket lovers in these matches. It is information that TRP for IPL matches has come down as compared to the past. While not a ground breaking contribution to the genre, RRR impresses with its straight forward tough-guy style.

Audiences are interested in watching movies in theaters but not in stadiums. The IPL organizers are also worried about the declining number of visitors to the stadium. Although the RRR collections are declining on weekdays, the movie collections are getting better on weekends. Fans hope that the RRR atmosphere will not stop even with the release of Beast and KGF2 movies. It remains to be seen what level of collections RRR will achieve in the full run.

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