REJECT crowned PMJL 2021 season 1 phase 1 champions: PUBG Mobile

REJECT crowned PMJL 2021 – The PUBG Mobile Japan League (PMJL) 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 came to an end today. After an enthralling battle between the top 16 teams in the country which took place over a period of 12 days, REJECT was crowned the champions of the event. The team bagged the winner’s prize of ¥14,830,000 ( $135,621). Along with this, REJECT also qualified as the Japanese representative for the next PUBG Mobile global event.

Reject 2

Following them in second place was SCARZ, who also played exceptionally well. They were awarded the runner’s-up prize of ¥8,370,000 ($76,544). Sengoku Gaming claimed third place in the tournament and won the prize of ¥5,230,000 ($47,829).

PMJL 2021 Season 1 Phase 1 overall standings:-

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PMJL Season 1 Phase 1 overall standings

REJECT was consistent throughout the event, bagging a total of 658 points, with a healthy average of 13.6 points per match. Players Sara, Duelo, Lapis, and Devine also bagged the Player of the Day award on Days 1, 6, 8, and 10 respectively. Their domination in the tournament was evident in the fact that the second-place team, SCARZ, trailed them by a mammoth 169 points.

However, SCARZ also played extremely well in the championship, bagging 489 points, with a decent average of 9.78 points per match. The team peaked during the fifth day of the competition, where they bagged 59 points in 4 matches. Mattun from SCARZ was the top performer for the team, securing the Player of the Day Award on Day 4.

Among the other top-performing teams were Sengoku Gaming, who finished third, Lag Gaming, who came alive in the latter stages of the event to finish 4th, and Team UNITE, who also played decently well to finish in the 5th spot.

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Top 3 Fraggers from PMJL Phase 1

Blue Bees, the team who qualified for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) in 2020, failed to make a mark on the event, finishing at 16th place with 244 points.

With the tournament now over, the teams will want to put this performance aside and focus on the second phase of the PMJL. Winners, REJECT, who also played in the recently concluded PEI, will be looking to focus on the global event as well. REJECT crowned PMJL 2021

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