Rashmika reveals about why she said no to Hindi Jersey

Rashmika reveals about why she said no to Hindi Jersey – Shouldn’t you make an experimental film in the middle or a film with a lot of acting ‘preference’ if you make commercial films in a row? Cannot. However, the National Crush Rashmi Mandana says, “Can’t do it!” This is all about the movie ‘Jersey’. When Rashmika was approached for the role of the heroine in this film, she said ‘no’. This is for the Hindi version‌.

It is known that Rashmika Mandana was approached for the role of the heroine while filming the hit Telugu movie ‘Jersey’ in Hindi. However she then said ‘no’. Freshly given radiant clarity on this. Rashmika says that why she said ‘no’ there is a reason for it. But the reason is somewhat strange. It is known that Mrinal Thakur played opposite Shahid Kapoor in Hindi ‘Jersey’.

This role was first offered to Rashmi Mandana by director Gautam Thinnanuri. Rashmika, who said no then, recently said that she got an offer in Hindi ‘Jersey’ but turned it down. Because I’ve only done commercials so far. She says the reason is that the question of what it would be like to star in a film like ‘Jersey’ comes to mind.

“Jersey is a good movie, but it’s a realistic movie. Shraddha Srinath performed wonderfully in Telugu in ‘Jersey’. I mean no one can play that role better than she does. That’s why I felt I was not right for the role, “said Rashmika. Without stopping there, “I wish I could have acted in that movie.

But I did not want the directors to lose because of me. She said that the team would have better options than me for this film. That’s why I said no to this movie, “said Rashmika.However Rashmika thinks so as well.

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