Prashanth Neel Remuneration Doubled

Prashanth Neel Remuneration Doubled

Kannada director Prashant Neil has directed only three films so far. Two of the films are from the ‘KJF’ franchise. He brought craze nationally with these films. Overseas, the film ‘KGF’ has also gained traction. With this, Star Heroes is now interested in working with Prashant Neel. Prashant Neel has already agreed to work with two top production houses in Telugu.


He is currently filming ‘Salar’ with Prabhas. This film is also being produced by Homebole Films, which produced the KGF film. For this, Prashant Neil agreed to a remuneration of Rs 25 crore. But now it seems that he is going to receive a remuneration of Rs 50 crore for the new films he is accepting.

Prashant Neil is going to make a movie with NTR. It will be produced under the banner of Mythri Movie Makers. Also DVV Danayya has committed to another film. It was decided to give a remuneration of Rs 50 crore to Prashant Neel for these two films. In the case of the ‘KGF’ movie, it is reported that Prashant Neel has taken a share in the profits instead of remuneration.

Then we have to see if they do the same for Telugu movies. But our producers may not agree to give shares in profits anymore while giving fifty crores remuneration. We need to see what happens next. In the South, Prashant Neel is one of the highest paid directors in this range!

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