Nagarjuna serious warning to Bindhu

Nagarjuna serious warning to Bindhu

Bigg Boss made the housemates sweat with Nagarjuna anchoring in the non-stop house. Attempts were made to clarify the points made in the nominations this week. The first Bindhu gave clarity about the bathroom issue. What did the original Akhil say there. Clarity is given as to what you are imagining. Moreover, he asked what was the actual Shiva involvement in this matter.


Nagarjuna spoke to Shiva in person in the First Confession Room and then called Bindu and asked for an explanation. Akhil said in Nominations that the girl Bindu did not say so when she came out of the bathroom. Not only that, after that she did not take a stand in my case and spoke to Shiva saying that even if Shiva knew about this matter he would not tell. Friendship with Shiva was also cut.

Nagarjuna gave full clarity in this regard. He also called Akhil into the Confession Room to clarify what he was actually saying there and gave full clarity to the three. He then proved that there was no meaning at all in the Bindhu eligations. Nagarjuna showed the video giving clarity that it is very wrong to say that he is coming by your sideways.

In addition, Nag showed in the video that Bindu said that Ajay was Spine Week and spoke in the sense that your back is very weak. This brought full clarity to all of the housemates. Actually, the housemates guess what points Nagarjuna will talk about when the weekend is over and how the game is going to the audience outside. But, this time Nagarjuna’s inputs and classes do not make sense to the housemates.

It is the complete opposite of what they thought. Now the house mates are unable to come to a clarity even in the matter of Bindu. Hence, this time Nagarjuna took a tough class shot. Gave clarity to all. With this, the subsequent nominations are going to heat up. Clarity came especially in the case of both Akhil and Bindu.

Now it looks like these two will once again be arguing hard in the Next Week nominations. Because, since Akhil is the captain right now, there is no chance of Bindu being nominated. But, it seems likely that Akhil will nominate Bindu with the point of not assuming that he is not sure.

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