List of Telugu celebs who land in legal trouble for violating traffic rules

List of Telugu celebs who land in legal trouble for violating traffic rules

Hyd Police has launched a campaign to get rid of black tints from the vehicles. The use of black films has been banned in the country ever since 2012. Telugu filmmaker Trivikram Srinivas, Kalyan Ram,  Young Tiger Jr NTR, and Manchu Manoj also landed in legal trouble for a similar reason.


Allu Arjun: Icon star Allu Arjun, who was seen in Pushpa: The Rise, was recently embroiled in some legal troubles.  He was fined in Hyderabad for breaking traffic rules.  The actor was asked to pay a fine for violating the rules.  His Land Rover Range Rover luxury SUV had tinted glass, which is not allowed. For the same, he  had to pay Rs 700 as a fine. Few days ago, he  was stopped by the traffic police on a busy road in Hyderabad for the tinted window shields.

Naga Chaitanya:   Recently Naga Chaitanya was halted by the cops. He had to pay a challan of Rs 700 for using tinted windows on his car.

Jr NTR:  Few days ago, Hyderabad Police  removed the black film from  Jr NTR’ car . Jubilee Hills Traffic Inspector Muthu inspected the vehicles  and identified the car belonging to Jr  NTR and pulled out the black film

Kalyan Ram: Kalyan Ram was also fined by Hyderabad traffic police.

Manchu Manoj : Manchu hero  was caught by the Hyderabad Traffic police recently, as he violated the traffic rules.  His car  was stopped in Hyderabad after the police noticed tinted window shields.  Manchu Manoj was fined by the Hyd police for using a tinted black film.

Trivikram Srinivas:  Trivikram Srinivas’ Land Rover Range Rover luxury car had tinted glass,  and for the same, he had to pay Rs 700 as a fine.

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