Prabhas starrer is being made to brainwash youngsters

KTR comments on Adipurush: Prabhas starrer is being made to brainwash youngsters

Telangana Minister KTR has alleged that the BJP- Bharatiya Janata Party is using cinema to target the youth in India and mix  the nationalism and the  communalism.  During an interview, KTR said that even the movies are not being spared from being used as tools to BJP’ agenda.  He added that BJP is indirectly funding Prabhas starrer upcoming Pan India film Adipurush. They don’t fund the movies like  The Kashmir Files and Adipurush directly.


KTR  made comments on Adipurush in which Prabhas and Kirti Sanon are playing the lead roles under the direction of Om Raut. He added that around 16 movies are being made to spread the BJP’s ideology and Adipurush is one of them.   The movies like URI – The Surgical Strike, The Kashmir Files and few movies of Akshay Kumar are being released to spread BJP’s Hindutva ideology.

The Kashmir Files, helmed by Vivek Agnihotri starring Anupam Kher is based on the killings and exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir valley. It was highly endorsed by the Bharatiya Janata Party government, with multiple BJP led states making the film tax free. It was highly controversial.

KTR suggested that Adipurush and other alleged pro-BJP films are being made to brainwash  the youngsters.

KTR predicted that  Adipurush might get a release during the election time so that it can influence voters and make them think about Lord Shriram.

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