KRK theatrical business details

KRK theatrical business details

Vijay Sethupathi as Hero Nayantara and Samantha as heroines… Triangle love story ‘KRK’ (‘Kanmani Rambo Katija’) directed by Nayantara’s boyfriend Vignesh Sivan. Launched in Tamil as ‘Kaathu Vakula Rendu Kaadhal’, this film was dubbed and released in Telugu. Vijay Sethupathi earned the craze of being a good villain and supporting actor in Telugu but was not accepted by the people here as a hero.


The image of the Nayanathara is also limited here. However, it must be said that Samantha is the only reason why this film attracts the masses. The film crew announced that the film would be released on the same day as Samantha’s birthday on April 28th. Promotions have not done much here. But the theatrical business sold at a good rate.

Once you notice the details:

Nizam             0.60 cr

Seeded           0.25 cr

Uttarandhra  0.40 cr

East + West   0.22 cr

Guntur + Krishna 0.48 cr

Nellore                0.10 cr

AP + Telangana 2.05 cr

The theatrical business of ‘Kanmani Rambo Katija’ was Rs 2.05 crore. The movie needs a breakeven which means it has to get a share of up to Rs 2.15 crore. If there is a positive talk, it is possible to reach this target. It will be difficult to stand at the box office if the hit talk for ‘KRK’ does not come as ‘Acharya’ will be released competitively on April 29th i.e., tomorrow.

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