KGF: Chapter 2 Twitter review

KGF: Chapter 2  Twitter review/Live update: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Raveena  Tandon and Sanjay Dutt starrer KGF: Chapter 2 has finally arrived at the theaters today. We will bring you some viewers’ verdict/  review  on KGF: Chapter 2  movie shared on Twitter

Manobala: KGF Chapter 2 MASS-EXTRAVAGANZA Real beast  Yash, unleashed with over the top praise worthy performance backed by  Prasanth Neel’s fantastic plot.  Sajay Dutt is powerful.  Raveena Tandon &  Sriidhi Shetty.shines. BGM elevates, stunts & visuals look stunning.

Ramesh Bala: 1st Half : PURE VERITHANAM! EPIC STUFF! Rocky Bhai  Yash has simply rocked.. Each and every scene, Dir  Prasanth Neel has sethukkified.. BGM.. Mass.. Action.. Visuals.. Goosebumps Yash is born to play the role of #Rocky Bhai All his dialogues are Punch! His swag, screen presence, action – God Level! U can’t take your eyes off when he is on the screen.. Swag Monster!

North films: #KGFChapter2 First Half Super with Intro, interval bang Second half bit lag and moreover weak Villaians. Vachadu kalchadu sachadu.. Repeat. Story Plot taken away in second for heroism. Overall 3.0/5 #KGFChapter2

Anbudpanda: Guysssssssss!!!! Movie is soooooo good! Unbelievable ending

Yash: #KGF2 is a winner Go for it don’t miss the post credit Blockbuster  #KGFChapter2 #YashBOSS #KGF2onApr14 #KGF2FDFS #kgffdfs @hombalefilms @TheNameIsYash,

Bhargav: OMG!!! What an amazing, incredible and fantastic movie!!! This movie is going to make history. ULTIMATE, Rocky BHAI!! @TheNameIsYash @KGFTheFilm #KGFChapter2 #KGF2onApr14 #KGF2InCinemas#kgf2

Kaushik: #KGFChapter2 #KGF2 1st half: We all know how powerful & dynamic #RockyBhai is. Interesting to see an equally powerful opponent in the form of #Adheera. Can’t wait for their battle.

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