KGF 2 Day 3 Collection, Expected Earning, Worldwide All Languages

KGF 2 Day 3 Collection, Expected Earning, Worldwide All Languages: KGF Chapter 2 turned out to be the biggest hit in terms of earnings. On its first day itself, the Hindi version of KGF 2 earned around 54 Crore which is the highest earning by any movie on its first day.

KGF 2 Day 3 Collection

As the 3rd day of the movie is a Sunday, We are expecting the highest earnings from the movie on Day 3. It is expected that KGF Chapter 2 day 3 earning will cross the 150 Crore mark.

On its first day of release in Karnataka, heavy rains were falling but the fans did not hesitate and made it the all-time highest-grossing movie in the state.

KGF Chapter 2 Day 3 Collection

We know that the Jersey movie postponed its release because the dates were clashing with KGF 2. This decision proved to be the best for Jersey because KGF Chapter 2 is too big to compete with.

It is expected that the KGF Chapter 2 will be the fourth Indian Movie to reach the 1000 Crore mark following Bahubali and KGF 2.

KGF 2 Day 3 Collection

KGF 2 3rd Day Collection

Day 1 Collection 150 Crore
Day 2 collection 162 Crore
Day 3 Collection 180 Crore Early Estimate

We are updating the KGF movie collection on daily basis, Keep visiting to get the latest updates on the movie.

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