Keerthi Suresh’s Chinni Movie Review & Rating

Keerthi Suresh’s Chinni Movie Review & Rating

Release Date: 6 May 2022
Starring: Keerthi Suresh, Selvaraghavan
Director: Arun Matheswaran
Music Director: Sam C.S.
Cinematography: Yamini Yajnamurthy
Producer :D. Prabhakaran, Siddharth Ravipatti
Banner: Screen Scene Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Rating : 3/5


Keerthi Suresh’s title role in the Tamil film “Sani Kaidham”. Leading director Selva Raghavan made his acting debut with this film. The film, which opens as a revenge drama, was released today (May 6) on Amazon Prime under the title “Chinni”. The released teaser & trailer recorded good expectations on the movie. Let’s see if the movie lives up to those expectations..!!

Story: “Chinni” is the story of Chinni’s death with his elder brother Rangaya (Selva Raghavan) who brutally burned his family to death, Not only forcibly raping her..

Cast: Keerthi Suresh’s film ‘Mahanati’ utilizes full potential as an actress. It is a film that wonderfully presents her anger and rage. This new angle on fame is definitely something to be appreciated. Her gestures are especially creepy in the scene where she punches a rowdy gang with a van.

As an actor, Selva Raghavan impressed in a remarkable way with his debut film. Shubhaleka Sudhakar’s voice is a big asset to his characterization. Selva Body Language & Performance is a special attraction for this film.

Technical Group Performance: First of all let me tell you about the work of cinematographer Yamini Yajnamurthy. Yamini is one of the few lady camera women in the industry. The framing & lighting she chose in the film not only elevated the mood of the film wonderfully but also involved the audience into the cinematic mood.

From the tint to the color grading, every single aspect is a plus for the film. Sam CS music is another asset to the film. Sam elevates the mood set by Yamini with his cinematography with his background music. Ramachandran’s editing is very crisp.

Analysis: “Chinni” from South Industry “Kill Bill” range movie. Another aspect of Keerthi Suresh as an actress, Selvaraghavan’s fantastic acting performance, Yamini camera framing, Sam background music, Arun taking for sure this movie is a must see.

Rating : 3/5

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