How to purchase Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass in May 2021

How to purchase Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass in May 2021

The developers of Free Fire periodically add various exclusive in-game items that include skins, costumes, and more. The Elite Pass, i.e., the tier-based reward system of the title, is one of the means for them to acquire such items.

In the pass, players must collect a specific number of badges to obtain the respective rewards. Badges can be acquired by completing daily and weekly missions.

Today, the Season 36 Elite Pass has commenced in this battle royale title. This article provides a step-by-step guide to purchase it.

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How to purchase Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass in May 2021

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The Free Fire Season 36 Elite Pass started today

There are two paid variants of the pass, Elite Pass and Elite Upgrade. Players can acquire them for 499 and 999 diamonds, respectively.

It is easy to purchase the Elite Pass in Garena Free Fire. Users can do so by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: They must open Garena Free Fire and tap on the Elite Pass icon as shown in the below picture:

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Click on the Elite Pass icon

Step 2: Next, players have to press the ‘Upgrade’ option.

Step 3: The two different paid variants will appear on-screen. They have to choose the required version and press the button below.

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Paid versions of the Elite Pass

After a successful purchase, diamonds will get deducted from the players’ Free Fire accounts.

Below are a few of the free rewards from the Elite Pass:

  • 50 Gold (Unlocks at 0 Badges)
  • Peekaboo (Avatar) (Unlocks at 5 Badges)
  • 3x Scan (Unlocks at 10 Badges)
  • 1x Pet Food (Unlocks at 20 Badges)
  • 1x Gold Voucher (Unlocks at 30 Badges)
  • Theatre of Torment T-Shirt (Unlocks at 40 Badges)
  • x1x Diamond Royale Voucher (Unlocks at 50 Badges)
  • v1x Fragment Crate (Unlocks at 60 Badges)
  • x1x Discount Coupon (Unlocks at 70 Badges)
  • 1x Pet Food (Unlocks at 80 Badges)
  • 1x Predatory Cobra Token Box (Unlocks at 85 Badges)
  • 300 Gold (Unlocks at 90 Badges)
  • Come to Me (Unlocks at 100 Badges)

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