FIR filed on Ram Gopal Varma

FIR filed on Ram Gopal Varma

Miyapur police registered a cheating case against  the popular film maker Ram Gopal Varma alias RGV based on a court referred complaint from a producer.  The complainant K Sekhar Raju alleged that  RGV borrowed money from him for producing  film Disha with a promise to return it before the release of the said movie but did not repay the money.


Disha was based on the 2019 gang rape, and murder of a veterinary doctor near Hyderabad carried out by four persons, who were later killed by police in an alleged encounter

The complainant approached court and alleged that  RGV borrowed 56 lakh from him for production of  Disha  in 2020 and later cheated him.

K Sekhar Raju, proprietor of Sekhara Art Creations in Kukatpally said that  he was introduced to Satya film maker by a common friend, Ramana Reddy in 2019. In the first week of January 2020, RGV took 8 lakh from him and on 22nd January 2020, another 20 lakh he gave Varma through cheque.  He added that  RGV promised him to return the amount in 6 months. Again RGV asked Rs 18 Lakh in February 2020  and he transferred 28 lakh more to the film maker. RGV agreed to repay total of Rs 56 lakh on or before the release of movie Disha. When he came to know that RGV was not producing Disha, he realised that he was cheated by RGV .

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