Fantastic Beast Dumbledore Box Office Collection, Budget, Reviews

The Fantastic Beasts film series is experiencing decreasing returns at the box office. Even though the third movie, Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, is expected to lead the American box office in its opening weekend, a projected three-day gross of $44.5 million would be the lowest opening for the Harry Potter spinoff series in its entire history. According to the studio, Fantastic Beast Dumbledore grossed $6 million in previews on Thursday and $20.1 million on Friday.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore

A sequel to Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018), Fantastic Beasts 3 is the third film in the Fantastic Beasts film series. The film will feature Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, who faces a new challenge. David Yates directed the film, which J K Rowling and Steve Kloves wrote.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore

The Fantastic Beasts series serves as a prequel to the Harry Potter movies, taking its cue from Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The series delves into the history of the Wizarding World, and it features several notable characters. At the time of publication, the latest entry takes place in the 1930s, as war is looming for the muggles and the magical world.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore Box Office Collection

Compared to this, the first film in the trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, earned $74 million in its first weekend of release back in 2016. It earned more than $800 million in total revenue across the globe. The sequel, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, began with $62 million in its first weekend and ended up with a little more than $650 million worldwide.

Because of many factors, including widespread apathy among fans and behind-the-scenes conflicts with actors Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller and series creator and author J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros was obliged to reevaluate its intentions for the series. Because of the pandemic, the budget for the third picture grew significantly, further compounding W.B.’s fears. According to reports, the studio will examine the success of the third picture before deciding on the planned fourth and fifth movies.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore Budget

In addition to being one of the most costly films to be produced in 2020, Fantastic Beasts 3 is also Warner Bros. Pictures’ most expensive project of the year, costing an estimated $200 million, which is the same budget as the previous two Fantastic Beasts films. Due mainly to the spectacular special and practical effects used in the film, The Wizarding World is one of the most expensive cinematic experiences to make.

A substantial portion of the budget was spent on the ensemble cast, including Jude Law, Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller, and Mads Mikkelson. After Johnny Depp was removed from the film, Mikkelson was cast in the role of Grindelwald, and he was paid $16 million, which accounted for another significant price.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore Plot

For almost a decade, the Fantastic Beasts trilogy has been building up to the final fight between Albus Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald, a confrontation that will be remembered for generations to come. In the meantime, however, Dumbledore has remained out of the fray because of the blood covenant, which precludes him from engaging in direct battle with Grindelwald. As Grindelwald’s authority grows, Dumbledore will be forced to take harsh measures, explored in Fantastic Beasts 3.

Whilst all of this is taking place, the novel’s primary plot will see Dumbledore dispatching Newt and his allies to fight alongside the forces of Grindelwald’s army. This expedition will take them all over the globe, bringing Newt face to face with frightening forces, strong wizards and witches, and, of course, more exotic monsters than he could have imagined.

Fantastic Beast Dumbledore Cast

Eddie Redmayne plays Newt Scamander, who works in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures’ Beasts Division. Newt is a self-described magizoologist, according to his website. Even though the wider British Wizarding Community widely despises him, Newt is a close friend of Albus Dumbledores. Bunty, Newt’s assistant, is played by Victoria Yeates.

Tina Goldstein is played by Katherine Waterston, who portrays her as an Auror working for the Magical Congress of the United States of America. The book’s readers will know that she will ultimately marry Newt, as he reveals in the novel.

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